Exhibition "Spirit and Vision" - Hotel Gutshaus Stellshagen, 19.09. – 08.11.2015

I am very pleased to annouce this film. It shows that part of my work, that most people know very little about. The dusty work in my studio. Enjoy! 

Thanks to Florian Driessen.

This film is a quiet contemplation on one of my sculptures of the series Waterworlds. The music of Mozart KV 414 is played by Bernd Habermann. This film is produced by Peter Stäbe. Enjoy!


Lattoflex Edition Number 1

The Myth Lattoflex as bronze sculpture 
The background and history

The artist Sonja Mosick has created a sculpture for Lattoflex. 
It was their goal to capture the special energy and magic of Lattoflex in a bronze sculpture. 
"Mr. Lattoflex" Boris Thomas has performed an interview with Sonja Mosick to this particular project. The entire history was also recorded in an exciting video documentation.

P.S. This sculpture is available in a limited edition of 50 pieces and is designed for special occasions for our clients - as a anniversary gift or if someone served Lattoflex in a special way.


This interview is about the creation process of a Spirit Stone. Spirit stones are portraits whose designs are developed from the dialogue between the artist and the commissioner. The form of the completed work then reflects the energetic form of this person's being, thereby the sculpture functions as a reminiscence of the individual spiritual qualities.